My name is David Winkle and I started posting these devotionals on New Year’s Eve, 2010.  They are based on the scripture readings from the daily lectionary.  This lectionary runs in a two year cycle, and is used by numerous denominations.

I look at each text as if it were a multifaceted gem.  My goal, although I do not alway achieve it, is to view the text in a new and perhaps different way.  With God’s help, I try to turn the gem in a new direction, shine a new light upon it and see what is reflected.  If nothing else, I hope that you think about the text in ways you may not have before.

I received by undergraduate degree (BA Religious Studies) from the University of Tennessee.  I received by Master of Divinity from the Lutheran Theological  Souther Seminary.  I am also an alum of Drew University School of Theology, where I received my Doctor of Ministry (adult education).

On a more personal note I have a wonderful and supportive wife (also acts as my editor), five beautiful daughters, five fantastic sons-in-law and ten grandchildren (to date). If I could, I would live outside (wife seems to be opposed to this). I love kayaking, riding my bicycles, hiking, camping and playing the guitar (not all at the same time). In my life I have worked as a nursing assistant, a medical equipment technician, a car salesman, a service advisor, a church administrator, a counselor, a writer, a director of operations for a nonprofit, a pastor and a soldier (Army Chaplain).

If you have any ideas about making this site better, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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  1. Jerome says:

    Glory to Jesus Christ!

    I’m wondering if I can get permission to reprint the “pigs can swim” image in our chapel bulletin. We print about 40 copies and put it online as well. I think everyone enjoys a happy ending.
    I imagine the pigs swim to an orthodox jewish town where they escape becoming ham and bacon.


    • Dr. David Winkle says:


      Feel free to use the image. I do like your idea of a great escape to an Orthodox town where they live out the remainder of their lives in relative peace.


  2. Hello David,

    I was wondering if I could use the image of the parable of the Wicked Tenants for an online course I am doing on the New Testament. It will be behind a wall and of course I am happy to give your website credit.

    God Bless!

    • Dr. David Winkle says:


      Feel free to use anything from this site that you find useful in your ministry. You do not have to give credit for anything from the site, save the text. May God’s grace attend you in your ministry.

      God bless!

  3. Raycene Brewer says:

    Rev. Winkle,
    Perhaps, are you the same David that a little boy named Scott called “David WinkWink”? Your profile suggests that you are.
    Just curious,
    Raycene Brewer

    • Dr. David Winkle says:

      Raycene – How wonderful to hear from you. I trust that you are doing well. I believe the last thing I heard about you is that you were teaching nursing. Are you still in nursing? I am indeed “WinkWink.” davidlwinkle@gmail.com

  4. Margaret W Freyermuth says:

    David, what a delight to find you after all these years! I still remember the five Winkles. Do you remember the trip to Elmont with the Youth Group. Robert would be so proud of you and your ministry. I went to Farragut on Dec 10-11 of this year for their 40th anniversary celebration. It was good to see everyone again. Richard and I went to Gloria Dei’s celebration several years ago. Robert died in July 1990. Richard and I moved to North Augusta in 2001 to take care of my mom. Mom died in 2013 at age 103. Would love to hear from you. Is your mom still living?

    • Dr. David Winkle says:


      What a surprise to hear from you. I will attempt to quickly catch you up. Dad died in 2003 and Mom remarried about 6 years later. She married Bill Townsend, a fellow she dated in high school. Mom and Bill live in Rockford near Maryville. Andy died in 2011 from pancreatic cancer, but the rest of us are doing well. I am currently working for a ministry called Scripture Awakening in Hendersonville, NC. I truly enjoy what I am doing with them. I have the opportunity to preach every third Sunday, and even more when I am on the road for the ministry.

      Belinda and I have 5 daughters, and currently have 11 grandchildren. I feel truly blessed!

      I am sure that you know what an inspiration Robert was in my life and my ministry. He was an amazing man! I still remember stories from his sermons. I was also amazed that he could outrun me, when I was a 14 year old athlete.

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