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Great Expectations – Mark 14:1-15-15:47 [Daily Devotional]

Mark 14:1-15:47                                                                                                                                       The Passion Narrative from St. Mark for Good Friday There is a story about a man riding on a train who happens to notice that the woman sitting across from him is reading Charles Dickens’ famous novel “Great … Continue reading

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God Loves Grapes – Mark 12:1-11 [Daily Devotional]

Mark 12:1-11 One of the most unique and historical things that people know about Jesus is the fact that he often taught using parables. The interpretation of these parables is frequently easy, though some of them are complex and take … Continue reading

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Questioning God – Mark 11:27-33 [Daily Devotional]

Mark 11:27-33 There are times when we, like the Pharisees in today’s text, want to ask Jesus questions. Our questions usually do not have to do with the source of his authority. The things we question generally stem from the … Continue reading

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